2nd day in London!

we are about to start day 2 of the workshop here in london so i thought i would send you all a quick update about how it's going, for those of you who aren't here with us. things are going well!

we have a very big group – about 15 including all of us; & most are able to be here all the time which is good. we had a pre-workshop meeting on Saturday which meant that we were able to make a fast start on Tuesday & get ahead of the outline I had proposed, since we had already introduced ourselves & had quite a bit of discussion around the theme. the group is a mix of young students, post-graduate students, & local artists & residents.

yesterday we worked in UpStage – including learning how to use the platform, demonstrating the new audio-visual streaming, and learning how to create media for uploading. there are a few people with good graphics skills which is very helpful.

today everyone is bringing material to share from which we will select things for the performance. we are also going to visit bright sparks, the electrical recycling & repair organisation that we are working with. so this afternoon we should be starting to make materials for the performance.

cyril arrived yesterday & was properly welcomed into our land-pirates “boat” with food & wine & whisky 🙂