Nantes Situation…

Recycle a Boeing

The Second in the series of networked performances: “We have a Situation…”
The participants in Nantes explored the realm of Aircraft recycling – a subject that came about through discussions addressing Nantes’ own second airport conflict and the issues that arose from the preceding e-waste situation in London.

The video below is a remix from the video documentation of the networked performance and discussion.

We have a situation – Nantes/FR – 09 – 12 April 2013 from apo33 on Vimeo.

09 – 12 April 2013
“We have a situation!” A series of borderless, online-offline participatory workshops and events is welcomed in Nantes.


Performance & discussion – Friday, 12 April at 19:30 CET (find your local time here) – free admission – Platform Intermedia / La Fabrique, Nantes.

With increasing numbers of aircraft flying over the city coupled with the desire to increase cheap and frequent connections between Nantes and other EU cities, RECYCLE A BOEING / RECYCLING A BOEING will deconstruct the subject of mobility, consumption, economy class travel and environment. What other solutions are there for an ambitious innovative cities such as Nantes?

RECYCLE A BOEING / RECYCLING A BOEING is an event connecting the cities: Nantes, Eindhoven and Graz for a lively evening of performances, discussions and cake across borders. Everyone is invited to join us Friday 12 April at 19:30 CET (find your local time here) either online or come along to La Plateforme Intermédia.

Leading up to Friday evening social-artistic event (10, 11 and 12), the public is invited to participate in various fun and creative actions at La Platerforme Intermedia/La Fabrique located at the rear of giant mechanical Elephant by Les Machine des Iles.

Under this intentionally absurd title prepares RECYCLE A BOEING / RECYCLING A BOEING, an open discussion on the issue of the environmental impact of transport related waste will be enacted. Several artistic activities will be organised on 10 April by artists focusing on these monsters symbols of consumer society that are Boeings.

We invite you and everyone to participate in the following two:

Mayday Ensemble
Come and record the sound of a plane – a become part of an accumulative video projection.
This is Mayday Ensemble an attempt to accumulate aircraft noise created by cheeks and lips of many. A fun realization in situ with instructions and the help of artist Cyril Pointurier.

Contact: 06 60812913 (Cyril)

Cake 737
Indulge you creating baking skills, you are invited to bake a section of plane.
Assembling an edible plane performed by a group of people who may not have wanted to be stewards. The aim is to bake a plane and to share in its public consumption of its component parts at Friday’s event.

Join in :

From March to May 2013, cyber performances will be presented at the same time via the internet platform Upstage and in different physical locations (galleries, theater, workshops …) for European artists to share their stories, projects and discuss how each deals with the creation in specific situations.

Four “situations” will be created in four different countries: France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria, in each city, the artists will participate in five days of workshops and performance.

With the support of :
European Cultural Foundation

With artists :
Helen Varley Jamieson (DE/NZ)
Julien Ottavi (FR)
René Pare (NL)
Jenny Pickett (UK/FR)
Cyril Pointurier (FR)
Alessandra Scapin (UK)
Eva Ursprung (AT)


Plateforme Intermedia : La Fabrique,
6 rue Leon Bureau, 44000 NANTES
Details :

Tram Line 1 : STOP Chantiers Navais
contact :