During March-May 2013, four “situations” were created and presented in the four partner locations: London (UK), Nantes (FR), Eindhoven, (NL), and Graz (AT). Since then, “situations” have been held in Rio de Janiero (Brasil, 2015), Coventry (UK, 2016) and Newcastle (UK, 2018).

In each location, a group of participants decided on a particular “situation” that was locally important and that they wished to express to and discuss with a European audience. They researched and gathered material about the situation before coming together for a workshop with lead artist Helen Varley Jamieson and representatives from each of the other partner organisations. During the workshop they collaboratively devised a networked performance about the situation.

The performances were presented online, for a European (and international) audience. Following each performance there was a facilitated networked discussion about the situation. Participants were encouraged to imagine possible solutions and alternatives.

Each situation has been documented on this web site and over the course of the project the process has been refined and and a model developed for future discursive networked performances.

Nantes Situation
Nantes Situation, 12 April 2013