Graz Situation

U.F.F. – Unidentified Flying Food

The final situation took place in Graz, Austria from 17-22 May 2013 and was concerned with food generally, and more specifically with the industrialisation of Austrian farming practices and the impact of this on animal welfare, the environment, and human health and society.

Worklab: 17 – 22 May 2013
Public Event: Wednesday 22 May, 19:00 CET (find your local time here).
Location: Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz
hosted by Ökoservice, Puchstrasse 41, 8020 Graz

Food production / 3rd World / Europe (in progress)
Research material available on Graz Situation Research page.

Join us online and at Ökoservice for a public event exploring current issues of food production within Europe and the 3rd World. The event will be streamed live through the UpStage platform with an online discussion on the theme after the performance.

Please contact Schaumbad for information about times and location.

Ideally participants should be able to take part in the whole process but we welcome anyone who might wish to contribute even just for a few sessions or the final event.

From March to May 2013, cyber performances will be presented at the same time via the internet platform Upstage and in different physical locations (galleries, theater, workshops …) for European artists to share their stories, projects and discuss how each deals with the creation in specific situations.

Four “situations” will be created in four different countries: France, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Austria, in each city, the artists will participate in five days of workshops and performance.

With the support of :
European Cultural Foundation
bm:ukk Medienkunst

With artists / researchers :
Helen Varley Jamieson (DE/NZ)
Martin Eisenbarth (DE)
Alexandra Gschiel (AT)
Ricardo Gschiel (AT)
Daniela Hinterreiter (AT)
Maya Kalogera (HR)
Rachelle Knowles (UK)
Veronika Koren (AT)
Bernadette Moser (AT)
Jenny Pickett (UK/FR)
Alessandra Scapin (UK)
Edda Strobl (AT)
Petra Temel (AT)
Eva Ursprung (AT)
Sanja Zdrnja (AT/SRB)

“Satellites” in London and Eindhoven:
Christina Papagiannouli (London)
Hedva Eltanani (London)
Beke Mguni (London)
Alexandra Reynolds (London)
Maria Slovakova (London)
Rene Pare (Eindhoven)
Robert de Vaan (Eindhoven)
Julien Ottavi (Nantes)