As well as documentation of each of the four situations that were part of the funded project, and the three subsequent situations, this project has produced the following resources which are freely available for others to use:

    • a new version of UpStage, enhanced with audio-visual streaming capabilities (please note – since 2013, there have been further releases of UpStage);
    • an annex to the UpStage User Manual, outlining how to use audio-visual streaming in UpStage (please note – since 2013 the UpStage User Manual has been rewritten in line with the further releases of UpStage);
    • training videos explaining how to stream with UpStage (also now outdated, but we leave the link here for archival purposes);

Links to documentation of the situations:

Click here for the publications produced as part of this project.

Working with UpStage, Graz situation; the lefthand computer shows the logged-in player interface of the stage, the righthand computer shows the workshop interface, and the projection shows how the audience see the stage.