European Cultural Foundation

The development of this project and initial four “situations” were supported with a grant from the European Cultural Foundation, in 2013.

The European Cultural Foundation inspires, empowers and engages people through culture. 

We are an independent foundation based in the Netherlands that has been operating across Europe for nearly 60 years. All our activities are connected to our guiding principles. Many of these activities are connected to our current theme, Narratives for Europe (2009 to 2012).

We initiate and support cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe. We share and connect knowledge across the European cultural sector, and campaign for the arts on all levels of political decision-making. We link policy and practice, to act as catalysts for artistic and cultural expression and to have a concrete impact on European cultural policies and strategies.

We do this through our activitiesgrantsadvocacypublications and digital presence.

Our vision
We believe that culture engages and inspires people to transcend boundaries. The connecting power of culture is essential for creating open, inclusive and democratic societies, and as such is invaluable for building Europe.

Our mission
The European Cultural Foundation initiates and supports cultural expression and interaction that empower people to realise a shared future in Europe. We enable voices that are too often unheard to be heard. We link inspirational people and ideas to cultural policy making both in local communities and on the European political stage.

Our ambition
To be a catalyst of cultural expression and interaction that make our diverse societies in Europe more open and inclusive.