We Have A Situation!

A situation in Brasil!

Remember those protests we heard about, before and during the 2014 world cup in Brasil? Do you know what they were all about, if anything was achieved, or if social unrest continues? I’ve been invited to create a “situation” in Rio de Janiero, so I’m starting to look at what’s going on there these days – and I’ve discovered there’s a situation brewing in the water.

The situation is part of the programme of Multicidade, an international festival of women in the performing arts, taking place from 31 October to 7 November. I’ll travel to Rio a few days before the festival in order to prepare, then during the festival I’ll lead a workshop in which participants will learn about networked performance and create a cyberformance about social inequality in Brasil.

My research will begin well before I go to Rio; I’ll start to research the situation, and find groups or individuals in Rio who I can network with and who might be interested in being involved in the project. I’m also hoping to have a screening in Munich, and perhaps other places, where audiences can gather to contribute to the discussion.

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