We have a situation! involves researching four specific local “situations” in each of the partner locations, as well as researching a number of different tools and methods that will enable the process.

Each partner organisation will research its chosen “situation“, and that research will form part of the documentation of that “situation”, compiled on this site.

Screengrab from the London situation discussion about e-waste, showing UpStage with local artist Tom Keene, and the audience at kunstGarten Graz on the web cams. The backdrop shows the e-waste dump in Ghana, photo by Eva Ursprung.

Other topics that will be researched and documented here include:

  • remote collaboration and communication tools that can be used for the online management of the project
  • development of DownStage, user testing, platform customisation, user interface development and user materials (training videos, manuals, installation documents)
  • free documentation licence research (Creative Commons and GPL)
  • processes and tools for project documentation, including the preparation & maintenance of a sustainable library of documentation & resources
  • transdisciplinary collaboration practices & presentation of networked and performative art
  • production of a “green paper” that proposes a framework for discursive networked performances that can contribute to enhanced European citizen agency, collaborative problem solving and cross-cultural understanding.