London Situation – e-waste

The underlying theme that we are planning to explore through the London Situation tackles current issues around the social & economic relationships with material things, and how these alternative counter-economies are evolving alongside the materialistic obsolescence of capitalist consumption.

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Some facts:

New EU regulations will soon require member states to collect 45 tonnes of e-waste for every 100 tonnes of electronic goods put on sale during the previous three years, with a target of 4kg of e-waste per person. That’s about 2 million tonnes of e-waste to be collected every year – out of a total of 8 million tonnes generated annually in the EU. Who will be doing this collecting? Who will pay for it? Where and how will the e-waste be recycled? And what happens to the 8 million tonnes not collected for recycling?

“They thought that computer networks could create order in society without central controls. But this was a fear that allowing individuals too much freedom could create anarchy. Technology failed to liberate humanity.”

What we have been looking at: