We Have A Situation!

Meeting the Carioca(s)

29/10/2015 by Helen

I’ve arrived in Rio de Janerio to prepare for our “situation”, taking place next week as part of the Multicidade International Festival of Women in Theatre. It’s my first visit to Rio, so as well as preparations I’m fitting in a little bit of sightseeing before what will be a very busy week. On Monday, we will start the workshop to create the performance; there are 5 local participants, and the online team will join as time zones allow. View the pictures →

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Getting the bigger picture in Rio

15/09/2015 by Helen

Baracas do TempoOur research for the Rio situation began with the issue of water quality in Guanabara Bay: world attention is turning to Rio de Janeiro and its waters as the Olympic Games draw closer. However, the pollution of Guanabara Bay isn’t a new problem, and its impact is much greater than a one-off sports event. Many communities’ livelihoods are based on and around the bay, and of course all life is dependent on clean water.
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Video of the “situations”

27/07/2015 by Helen

Here is a short video collage of excerpts from the four “situations” created and presented in 2013. Thanks to Jenny Pickett and the APO33 interns for making it!

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A situation in Brasil!

21/02/2015 by Helen

Remember those protests we heard about, before and during the 2014 world cup in Brasil? Do you know what they were all about,┬áif anything was achieved, or if social unrest continues? I’ve been invited to create a “situation” in Rio de Janiero, so I’m starting to look at what’s going on there these days – and I’ve discovered there’s a situation brewing in the water. View the pictures →

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We have a Situation… Booklet

We have a Situation… – a booklet available to download / read online or to order that documents the evolution of the networked performances and discussion events, that took place between March and May 2013:   Download : WHAS-Booklet